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The sixth annual Haitian Creative Digital Awards premiered on January 18, 2024. The awards honored 21 Haitian creatives for their great work in the Haitian creative economy. Relive the sixth annual livestream show and see who took home their honors!

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Haitian Legend

Author of the


Facetune_13-06-2023-19-06-26 - TheCherysTv.jpeg

Abigaille Cadet


Beauty Creator of the Year

IMG_1032 - kenley simon.jpeg


Comedian of the Year

IMG_0648_Original - Shadey Sanz.jpeg

Shadey Sanz

Dance Creator of the Year

Kenasha LinkedIn Profile Pic-7 - Black Professionals Network.jpg


Entrepreneur of the Year

IMG_0762_Original - MPC VINTAGE.jpeg


Fashion Creator of the Year

Jean Elie.jpeg

Jean Elie

Film Creator of the Year

Main Headshot - Melissa Alexandra.jpg

Melissa Jean-Baptiste


Finance Creator of the Year

IMG_6413 - Bangin Flavors.jpeg

Food Creator of the Year

IMG_7748 - The Huxtabelles.jpeg

Health and Wellness Creator of the Year

IMG_8256 - Rox Slay.jpeg

Social Media Influencer of the Year

Facetune_11-01-2022-14-36-16 - cene nessa.jpeg

Lifestyle Creator of the Year

Charm Holozier


Sophia Bernard



Vanessa Cené


Sakapfet Okap Media and Entertainment .jpg

Best Media Platform of the Year

IMG_2886 - Martine Shannon.JPG

Parenting Creator of the Year

DSCF1359 - Steven Baboun.jpeg

Photographer of the Year

IMG_1595 - Trash Talk Analysis, LLC.jpeg

Podcast of the Year

Sak Ap Fet Okap




Nadia Alexis color headshot - Nadia Alexis.jpg

Poet of the Year

jessie woo.jpg

Digital Creator of the Year

F8B10F7A-C65D-4A4B-8B8B-7792BCEF03D2 - Farah Exaus.jpeg

Travel Creative of the


32345AD3-6444-4D1A-A190-84E5F3C7E992 - Vanessa Bigaud.jpeg

TikToker of the


Rivka Valerie Louissaint Visual Arts .jpg

Visual Artsist of the Year

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Advisory board

The advisory board finalized their first round of decisions for the 2023 Haitian Creative Digital Awards (HCDA). The judges selected the top 3 creatives as the nominees for the fifth annual virtual awards. A public vote takes place December 25- January 10 to give you the 2023 HCDA Honorees. Honorees with the top public votes were announced January 18, 2024.

2023 Sponsors

Advisory board

Thank you for voting!

Thank you for voting for your favorite Haitian Creatives.  Live tweet to share your vote.

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  • Catalina Lubin Instagram
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  • Tico Armand Instagram
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  • Caleb Exantus

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About the award

The Haitian Creative Digital Awards is an international awards founded in 2017 to celebrate the achievements of Haitian creatives. Our mission is to provide a platform that highlights the talent and creativity within the Haitian community and to inspire the next generation of Haitian creatives.

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