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About haitian creative digital awards

Founded in 2017, Haitians Who Blog was established to provide a network for emerging creatives, bloggers, and influencers on social media. We established a recognition initiative that started as love and then became the Haitian Creative Digital Awards.  for emerging creatives, bloggers, and influencers on social media. The Haitian Creative Digital Awards  is a recognition initiative that recognizes leading influencers, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the creative industry.


Nominees are selected through a public nomination. The top 3 nominees are determined by a team of esteemed advisors. We leave it to the voters to select their honorees through a public voting process.


We are proud to celebrate the inclusive and diverse talent represented through our nominees, honorees, advisors, and the overall Haitian creative community. Visit our past years’ honorees.

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Advisory board

The advisory board finalized their first round of decisions for the 2022 Haitian Creative Digital Awards (HCDA). The judges selected the top 3 creatives as the nominees for the fifth annual virtual awards. A public vote takes place December 16-30 to give you the 2022 HCDA Honorees. Honorees are announced in January 2023.

The advisory board made their decisions based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics - The overall image and quality of their platform used based on category (this includes Instagram, podcast, website, YouTube, and quality of content).

  • Writing: Judges will score each blog/platform for its writing style, flow, and readability.

  • Content: Judges will score how a blog/platform topics relate to their niche and the value of the content delivered.

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Donnya Negera

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